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Your Contributions Dashboard was last modified on 6 October 2021 11:22

This is where you add a new Post

You can Save your work at any time by going to the bottom of the page and pressing ‘Save As Draft’ – the contents of the form will stay there. When you leave and come back to this form, it will be blank – DON’T start entering details again – just go to the bottom again and under where it says  Edit a draft click on -New Post-  and select the draft you want to work on.  After a short while the details you entered will appear.

NOTE: When you select the draft you want, you may see a popup box saying you will leave the site and your changes won’t be saved – that is fine – you have to say OK to that and it will bring in your previous information. 

Remember as a contributor your post will go for review before going live when you post it.

To go to your contributor dashboard click the button on the right