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Read this if you are working over 50 hours per week

Sent on: July 9, 2023
at 1:10 pm
From: Ron Gadsden
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Contact Detail: Hi, I am a retired project manager having worked in industry and the federal government for well over 40 years, so I know a thing or two about hard work. My wife and I just went past our 50th wedding anniversary. I have heard from my wife more than once about working long hours and sacrificing my family for work. I have been there. In the last few years my wife and I have been doing couples’ coaching. I see up close and personal with couples what their marriages need most and that is time together and communication. I wanted to let the husbands we coach know that there are just a few things to do that can start to get your marriage heading in a better direction. So, I wrote a small workbook (just $9.99) to help working husbands out. Here is the book’s link: This workbook calls for the husband to get good at two things. You can do so my just following the easy directions in the workbook. You don’t need your wife’s permission to begin. She will discover, as time goes by, that she likes this new guy(you). Don’t go down the divorce route. It’s expensive emotionally. If you have children, it’s expensive financially (think thousands and thousands of dollars for years) and emotionally. Get the book. Follow the simple directions and get your wife back. Here is the book’s link: If you are reading this you are an exceptional employee or an attentive business owner. Thanks for reading this. Share it with a friend and tell them why!Best regards,Ron***Opt out of future messages by replying to the messages and saying opt out. youdrivehealth.com7031 Sand Cherry Way Clinton, MD 20735

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