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This area is all about changing your habits and eating more healthily.

The world has changed and we know processed foods aren’t good for us.  But can we cut them out totally? 

Many people say I don’t have time to eat healthily. Well, that could be true but again over time if you neglect yourself it will have an impact on your work and life. We all know what happens when you try to put diesel into a petrol car. It’s the same with our bodies.

Eating too much processed food or too much of the wrong type of food will in the long term affect your body. Many people say I can’t afford to eat healthily – but again, research says 25% of us buy impulsively at the supermarket. This rises to 33% if we have children. The average family can throw away £1,000 of out of date food a year. 

Food Facts

£ 100
spent a year

Brits spend this a year on average on takeaways

£ 1
per person

London has the highest average monthly total deliveries pp

£ 1
per year

is the average amount we waste per year in the UK

1 m
slices of bread

are thrown away every day from London households

I like meat, but...

Reducing the amount of meat we eat is good for the planet

Producing 1kg of beef requires 15,000 litres of water, 30kg of carbon dioxide or equivalent greenhouse gas emissions, and 5m2 of land. 

Producing 1kg of potato  requires just 290 litres of water, 0.5kg of carbon dioxide emissions and 0.6m2 of land.

To see your diet’s carbon footprint look at this BBC News article.

meatless monday infographic

Are we eating less meat?

It appears we’re eating less meat and in general moving towards a more healthy plant-based diet.  Is that true, or is it what we’re being told to encourage us to move in that direction, for our own sakes and for the sake of the ecology?

If you look at the overall worldwide figures, it isn’t true.  As the world becomes better off, and as food prices reduce, there’s more meat being eaten.

See our blog post from the BBC News.

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Brain food?

Video is 17 minutes long from Ted Talks

What can we do to help reduce the risk of Alzheimers?  This video (from USA!) discusses the connection between what we eat (on purpose and accidentally!) – and Alzheimers.  Is there anything I can eat to improve my chances?

The box below shows some information on ‘healthy’ diet choices.  Hover over it and it will switch to show you information on sticking with your current diet (if you eat a traditional British diet).  Click the button on the back to see YouDrive’s view!

Some more food facts

Click on any of the buttons on the picture below to find out more (click the cross to close the box!)

"Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon."
doug larson picture
Doug Larson
Columnist and editor

Next Steps

It doesn’t matter what stage  you’re at – it’s important to be the best you can be.  At the end of the day it’s about taking personal responsibility – You Drive!

It’s really your choice. You can find out more information about the subject, or see other institutions that can help by going to Support. There you will find organisations, training, coaching, self-help courses and other items to support your personal change. We have also started developing a panel of experts to provide info, advice, help and support. 

More Information

Scroll down to see more information on this Drive.  If you register with us by providing an email address you can also download reports, white papers, quizzes and other collaterals.  Don’t worry, we will never ask you for any financial information, and we’ll only send you the information you want.

You can register for our site either above or in the footer below, and there’s more information available and you can comment and participate in discussions too.  We want to encourage our members to provide their own questions and experiences in order to help other members.  We only moderate for spam and inflammatory language – see our moderation policy here.

Soon you will be able to register as a YouDriver – you’ll get your own health dashboard, be able to assess your own health, look at how to improve it and build your own action plans.

We also show you links to other sites offering support in this area and also some products and services which might help you on our Support pages, which you can go to by clicking the Support button below.

Get Support

There are times when you need some help to meet your aims. At YouDriveHealth we try to help you to take control of your own health. Sometimes however you need a helping hand.

As the next step we are compiling a list of experts who can help you, whether by providing advice, help or specialised services.  In the future you will be able to access these experts from anywhere on our site you see our ‘Experts’ symbol.

We will be adding to our list of experts continually; we try to recommend things and partners that we have used ourselves, but obviously we can’t take any responsibility for any specific outcomes.  

If you click the button you’ll see what our Experts list will look like, with a couple of imaginary ‘experts’ added!

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See what other things can help

More information

The Health Foundation have published a paper on healthy living in the UK – access their site here

The NHS have lots of information on eating well

If you can’t stop eating, then Overeaters Anonymous can help you curb your over indulgence and give useful tips on overeating  

Groceryaid have information on healthy living

If you have Diabetes then click here for eating tips

Friends of the Earth have a strong position on how we need to eat a sustainable diet

The Health Foundation commissioned a MORI poll for the 2019 general election on health and social care which made interesting reading – download it here

AgeUK have a lot of info on staying healthy as you get older, including sections on healthy eating.  Download the paper here.

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