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Financial Planning

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Financial Planning


This information is about the specific health area mentioned above. It comprises a combination of textual and video information, on our site and on external sites.  We will be adding new specific health areas and further information continually.

The idea is for you to understand more about the health area you are addressing before you get too far building your action plan.

General Information

Financial planning is different to budgeting or debt management is about taking a holistic approach to your finances which includes life insurance, pensions, mortgages etc.

Financial planning also has a lot of experts who can be found across the country who can provide advice and guidance. Remember though financial planners charge for their services

Taking these financial planning questionnaires will help you understand more about the financial world.

Background Information

There is information available which will help you formulate your action plan – both on our site and on external sites.

On our site


SavingsDrive is about understanding the best ways to save money or manage money. Its different to budget and debt and looks at if you have stable income coming in and are not in major debt and are an effective budget er then learning to save regularly is important.

We have relevant information on SavingsDrive

InsuranceDrive is one of the most overlooked and under utilised areas in every day living. Why is that? is one reason possible we don’t want to think about death or becoming critically ill.

but stop for a moment and ask yourself do you agree with this statement; I and my partner work hard all our lives. we put in the hours to make a family and bring them up with a decent standard if living. Its not always easy but we keep focused and are now in a good place in our lives financially. we both work and want other things.

If you agree with that statement as most people would then you know how hard life can be therefore if you move down this road of life building and accumulating your wealth you should protect in some form or other what you have. The last thing anyone wants is to go back to zero.

Insurance is there to protect what you have and what is precious as well as guaranteeing if someone happened to a family member you have peace of mind.

We have relevant information on InsuranceDrive

On external site(s)


Everyone seems to forget about wills. But if you died wouldn’t you want your money and wishes to be distributed in a manner that you feel is right. Making a will is not just for people with money its for everyone. Especially today in this world of split marriages and families. A will is not just financial but its an opportunity to state your wishes within a legal framework.


When talking about Financial planning its also worth considering especially if you are of a certain age when you have accumulated or inherited wealth and may consider equity release.



Sometimes the owner of a video will not allow the video to be played on external sites.  If you see the video is unavailable on the left just click the ‘WATCH NOW’ link on the right and the video will play in a new window.

Life insurance and critical illness cover explained

Life insurance and critical illness cover uk Today I discuss different types of life cover, including jargon-busting and explaining why it’s so important you have it, what it is and what you can expect. I also cover Critical Illness insurance and why that is important too, PLUS I show you an example of how life insurance can help with Inheritance Tax planning.

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In order for you to assess what you know about this health area, we suggest using a questionnaire. This might help you understand your situation in this area, or taking it might improve your understanding of the area.

You may be able to take this questionnaire online – either here on our site or on an external site – or download it and complete it on paper – it depends on copyright (and whether we’ve managed to build it on our site!).

The ways you can take a questionnaire:

PDF for download, More than one questionnaire on our site

Take Questionnaire on our site

We have two questionnaires on our site – you will see a brief description of two questionnaires, followed by tabs with the questionnaires contained.   If you scroll down you will see links to external questionnaire(s) or downloads if there are any. Scroll down until you get to the right place for you!

YDH Questionnaire Selection

If you don’t understand financial planning very well, then the first questionnaire covers some basic financial planning terminology. The second questionnaire has some more complex subjects about financial planning and then some questions on using a financial adviser and then planning finances with your family.

Download questionnaire and take it yourself

You can download at least one questionnaire from our site.  You will have to score the questionnaire yourself.

We haven’t got a full financial plan available for downloading – there are just too many things to consider.  However, part of financial planning if you’re going to do it yourself includes building a budget, so we have one here from Money Saving Expert in Excel that you can download.


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A Butterfly Life: 4 Keys to More Happiness, Better Health and Letting Your True Self Shine

Times of change can be a challenge, no doubt! Whether it’s a relationship breakup, job loss, or being diagnosed with a serious health issue. Or you may WANT things to be different, but it feels a little scary or overwhelming. The butterfly reminds us change can be beautiful, even necessary, in order to realize our full potential and live our best life.