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Sent on: September 17, 2023
at 3:31 am
From: Billy
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Contact Detail: A lot of people look at me like I’m crazy when I tell people my mentor James brings in experts every week for up to $500 an hour in his FR-EE group.And rightly so…Why on earth would he bring in experts in Google, Facebook, YouTube, Productivity, Email marketing and more and pay hundreds of dollars for a fr-ee group?Simple…He actually gives a crap.And he wants you to succeed.We’ve both been where you are not too long ago.We know what it’s like…James got scammed out of $3,000 when he first started.He wanted to quit more times than he could count.He banged my head against a computer screen for more than 6 months before I made my first commission.And then it happened.His first commission.Let’s face it, most people would quit.Most people DO quit way before 6 months.And that’s what James is aiming to fix with this new system and training.While the other so called gurus out there charge thousands for overpriced hype.He wants to over deliver and give you massive value at no cost to you because he truly wants to help.Plus, if he give you so much amazing stuff on the front end, and help you get results…You’ll hopefully buy his paid stuff later! (Full transparency)You may know his story of suicide to success.And if you do, you know where his heart is and why he truly wants to help.I get it, you’re sceptical.You think you’ve seen it all before.Well you’re wrong.There is still hope.If James can become a top affiliate within one year of trying to take his own life.Push his boundaries and become a 7 figure earner, speaker and multiple award winning affiliate.You can do anything.But it’s gonna be 100x easier with our guidance and support…Get your fr-ee system now and reap the benefits of these highly paid experts today: .Kind regards,Billy GoldmanP.S Tik Tok masters, YouTube super stars. 7, 8 and 9 figure entrepreneurs have made cameo appearances.Just the group alone is worth more than what most people charge for.UNSUBSCRIBE: 631 N Main St, Porterville, CA 93257

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