WaterDrive - Are You DrinKing enough water?

Where do we start with such a subject?  There has been a lot of research on water and drinking thereof – reports, surveys, testing etc. Leading institutions, universities and academics from all over the world have had their say. It is all about 3 areas really: tap water, bottled water, filtered water. That’s it.

There are also the questions about how much we should drink and whether soft drinks, teas and coffees apply as well as water. We don’t aim to solve the problem. Merely give a balanced view on the whole aspect of Hydration.

Water Facts

£ 0.1

single use plastic water bottles used in UK every year (Guardian)

£ 1

is what the UK bottled water industry is worth per year (BritishBottledWater.org)


is how long it takes a single use water bottle to decompose (Forbes)

billion litres

was the global consumption of bottled water in 2017 (Statista.com)

of UK population used bottled water in 2017 (Mintel Bottled Water Report)
of UK population drank bottled water every day in 2017 (Mintel Bottled Water Report)
of bottled water brands contained micro plastic contamination (Orb Media)
of people in the UK drink tap water

Why bottled water

The main reasons people drink bottled water

The most common complaints about tap water are

  • Taste 32%
  • Worried about contaminants 31%
  • Limescale 28%

The main reason people drink bottled water:

  • 39% think bottled water is healthier than tap water
  • 35% think bottled water tastes better
bottled water chart

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Can I drink Tap Water?

Tap Water OK?

When it leaves the plant it travels down the pipes many of which are from Victorian days.  So when you switch on the tap let it run for a moment and don’t drink the stagnant water in the pipe. Either obtain a filter on the mains supply or simply run some fresh water into a filter jug and  place the filter jug in the fridge and enjoy even fresher cleaner water.
Filter jugs can be as little as £20 or expensive as several hundred.

It's better to drink
water for health reasons

The box below shows some information on tap water.  Hover over it and it will switch to show you information on bottled water.  Click the button on the back to see more information and  YouDrive’s view!

Drink tap water

Tap water is safe to drink in the UK - but can you trust the pipes it comes along once it's left the water plant? Using a filter either installed or a jug helps filter out those unwanted items from the water pipes along the way, so don’t drink the water left stagnant in the pipes for a while - let the fresh water come through before filtering.

Drink bottled water

Drink only mineral or spring water - just bottled water is simply tap water in a bottle. Buy larger bottles and keep them in the fridge and dispense each day into your reusable water container. Avoid plastic bottled water - think of the environment, or look for the sign on the package for 100% recycling. Avoid any with additives for health - just eat a good balanced diet.
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“Thousands have lived without love. Not one without water.”
WaterDrive 1
H. Auden
English-American poet

Next Steps

It doesn’t matter what stage  you’re at – it’s important to be the best you can be.  At the end of the day it’s about taking personal responsibility – You Drive!

It’s really your choice. You can find out more information about the subject, or see other institutions that can help by going to Support. There you will find organisations, training, coaching, self-help courses and other items to support your personal change. We have also started developing a panel of experts to provide info, advice, help and support. 

More Information

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Soon you will be able to register as a YouDriver – you’ll get your own health dashboard, be able to assess your own health, look at how to improve it and build your own action plans.

We also show you links to other sites offering support in this area and also some products and services which might help you on our Support pages, which you can go to by clicking the Support button below.

Get Support

There are times when you need some help to meet your aims. At YouDriveHealth we try to help you to take control of your own health. Sometimes however you need a helping hand.

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We will be adding to our list of experts continually; we try to recommend things and partners that we have used ourselves, but obviously we can’t take any responsibility for any specific outcomes.  

If you click the button you’ll see what our Experts list will look like, with a couple of imaginary ‘experts’ added!

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More information

There are apps to help you drink enough water – see the Healthline assessment of the top 5

Healthline also have a lot of information on how much water you should drink each day

Tap water drinkers can also see information at Join the Pipe

You can download the Water For Life White Paper from the Government here

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