Mental Health - Challenges and Improvements

We look at many aspects of mental health, from loneliness, sleep or mind issues through to looking at the positive effects of laughter and how coaching can help you make important changes in your life.

Mental health is closely linked with other forms of health, but not as obvious.  It can lead to financial and physical problems as well as being distressing in its own right.

“We need, ultimately, to be able to view mental health with the same clear-headedness we show when talking about physical health”

Matt Haig

Information on Mental Health

Whether you want to consider this in a positive way – i.e. to move forward, or to tackle a particular issue, there could be something in the Drives below for you.  Click the Drive and GO!

mind and mental issues


Learn to take more control of your emotions and thoughts

persoanlity who you are


Your personality determines who you are


How we communicate affects every aspect of our life


Find help in managing stress and taking charge of how you feel

women laughing


Learn how to laugh yourself into good health


Replace old habits with new ones and make it last


What can you do to get better sleep

people working at computers


We all need a helping hand at some stage in our lives


Being lonely doesn’t always mean being alone


Sometimes you just can’t stop!

man having success


Success means different things to different people

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Mental Health Support

We offer support in a number of ways.  We provide links to generic support organisations such as charities in more specific areas, for a particular need or problem.  

We also in some cases provide specific support, sometimes in the form of one-to-one help, sometimes special events or services.

Finally, we can offer links to products which we believe can help in this area.

In these last two cases, they contain affiliate links which mean that we may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. 

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Health domains

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We break down the overall concept of health or wellness into ‘bite-sized chunks’ that we can actually do something about.  The first level we call health domains.

We like the Life of Wellness site and we have chosen the following domains.

1. Emotional Wellness: Awareness and acceptance of feelings
2. Spiritual Wellness: A search for meaning and purpose
3. Intellectual Wellness: Recognition of your creativity, knowledge and skills
4. Physical Wellness: Need for physical activity and balanced nutrition
5. Environmental Wellness: Positive awareness and impact on your environment
6. Financial Wellness: Debt reduction, cash flow balance or financial future planning
7. Occupational Wellness: Personal achievement and enrichment from your career
8. Social Wellness: Contribution to your community

wellness wheel

Health Areas

Within each domain, we have included a number of health areas. These are specific issues that you can tackle.  Within each health area, e.g. Depression, once you have subscribed we have built additional information and exercises which you can do to help in the area.

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See which domains you should address

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Having established that we use 8 domains, you need to understand which you should concentrate on.

The 8 are:

  • Emotional
  • Environmental
  • Financial
  • Intellectual
  • Occupational
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Spiritual

You can take a questionnaire, which scores you in each domain.  You can decide which domains you are strong in, and which you need to improve.

Another analysis shows which domains you should look at, but also which domains you want to look at.

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A Butterfly Life: 4 Keys to More Happiness, Better Health and Letting Your True Self Shine

Times of change can be a challenge, no doubt! Whether it’s a relationship breakup, job loss, or being diagnosed with a serious health issue. Or you may WANT things to be different, but it feels a little scary or overwhelming. The butterfly reminds us change can be beautiful, even necessary, in order to realize our full potential and live our best life.