You Drive your Journey to Health

Is there something about you that you want to improve? Do you have a problem or something you want to do something about? In both cases we want to help you do it.

It might be something physical, such as drinking, drugs or now worry about the coronavirus. It might be financial – mounting debts, having enough money when you retire or job problems, perhaps again as a result of this epidemic. It could be a mental issue – perhaps you’re stressed out, can’t sleep or you’re struggling to adapt to a different life now in isolation. You might want tackle something on your ‘bucket list’.

YouDriveHealth launched in January 2020 and is aimed at helping you with all aspects of health – physical, financial and mental. Note ‘health’ is often referred to as ‘wellness’, ‘well-being’, ‘quality of life’ or even ‘happiness’ – we look at health holistically. However you see it, we can help. 

We believe in what we’re doing.  We want to create a community of people who care. Go to ‘About’ to see what we do. 

You Drive your journey to Health - Our Drives

"We try to help with all aspects of health - physical, financial and mental, and encourage you to take personal responsibility for your own health"
Kristi Bowman author of 4 Keys to More Happiness
Kristi Bowman
Author - A Butterfly Life, 4 Keys to More Happiness

The choices we make affect our children, even before they’re born, and certainly while they are young. When we become adults, we start to make out own choices, and these affect our lifestyle and how we live. These choices determine the life journey we go on – how healthy and happy we are and how we progress towards our later life and hopefully healthy retirement.

We look at life’s journey in three stages:

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