Welcome to your Personal Wellness Score.  This is the property of Make It Fit, Inc.

Read each statement below and check the box that most accurately
describes you at this point in your life.

I engage in regular physical activity, at least three times per week

I eat a healthy, well-balanced diet

I avoid tobacco, drugs and excessive alcohol consumption

I seek appropriate medical care when necessary

I have healthy, supportive friendships and family relationships

I communicate effectively with friends, family and co-workers

When I have a conflict with another person, I try to resolve it in an honest, assertive manner

I respect lifestyles and cultures different than my own

It is important to me to contribute to the well-being of others in my family and social network

I am aware of a wide range of feelings in myself

I recognize my personal limitations and accept help when necessary

I have the skills to cope with daily challenges and stressors

I feel positive about myself and my life

I am autonomous but able to create meaningful and satisfying relationships with others

I challenge myself mentally with stimulating ideas and activities on a regular basis

I am able solve problems and think independently

I have the opportunity to learn new concepts in my personal or professional life

I pursue interests that are important to me

My actions align with my personal values and beliefs

I feel a sense of inner peace and strength

I feel my life has purpose and meaning

I have faith in something greater than myself

I am satisfied with my work life (paid, volunteer or in-home)

My work aligns with my needs and strengths

I am able to contribute unique talents and skills to my work

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