Four Intriguing Long Term Coronavirus Impacts

hospital 4 coronanvirus impacts

Long Term Impact

These are undeniably very strange times indeed. What will the longer term implications of the seemingly unstoppable march of the coronavirus and the emergency measures taken by the government to control it be?

We will start looking at some longer term impacts this situation will have on our society as a whole, starting in the week beginning 23rd March 2020 with a series of posts on whether this situation will make us better people in the long run.

We’ll look at what we mean by better people, then review what changes there have been to society over the last ten years, which this situation is based on.  Then we’ll look at how people have reacted so far, before trying to decide what the the long term impact might be.

After this we will look at other long term implications on other aspects of our society.

Short Term

In the short term, the government are publishing daily links giving information and updates on the coronavirus  and Tweets at 2pm every day until further notice.

As of 9am on 22nd March, 73,340 people had been tested in the UK and 5,683 were positive and 281 of these have died.

The government have issued increasingly stringent measures on social distancing, with pubs, restaurants and other entertainment and hospitality premises forced to close. People have been urged to travel only when necessary.

The NHS has guidance on the symptoms and what to do.

YouDrive thinks…

We don’t know how bad this will get, or how long this situation will last.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see – let’s try and stay safe!

We think that some aspects of our society will never be the same again, and that this situation will bring lasting changes to how we behave and interact. From next week we will start looking at some of these. Let us know what you are interested in by adding a comment at the foot of the Post.



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