“Your heart’s passion and your mind’s wisdom are great gifts. But what happens when your emotional and logical sides are at odds?This can be particularly poignant in romantic relationships. For example:

    • You feel sizzling chemistry but doubt your partner will be a good long-term match
    • Your partner seems great on paper but you just don’t feel the romance
    • Your hearts desire is ambivalent or unavailable
    • You fall in love only to discover serious red flags

Heart-head conflicts can feel paralyzing. Wait too long to decide and the opportunity may pass, perhaps forever. Rush in too soon and you may overlook crucial information.

Do you tend to trust your intellect or your emotions? Here are two online quizzes that may help you identify which is primary for you:

Your heart can encourage you to take risks. Without risk, growth is impossible. Your heart can lead you to passion and beauty which logic could never predict. Yet sometimes when the heart wants what it wants, denial and impulsiveness can override sound judgment. The heart can be idealistic yet it can also be naive, casting off rational thinking.”