It’s Mental Health Awareness Week

mental health

This week (10th – 16th May 2021) is Mental Health Awareness Week. The theme this year is Nature – research by the Mental Health Foundation showed that going for walks outside was one of our top coping strategies during the Covid-19 pandemic.  You can download their top tips on connecting with nature here.  They show a video on connecting with nature.

Mental health has been hit very hard during the last year, with lockdowns having a significant impact.  A study led by the University of Glasgow and published in the British Journal of Psychiatry with just over 3,000 adults in the UK surveyed , found that suicidal thoughts increased from 8% to 10% and they were highest among young adults (18-29 years), rising from 12.5% to 14%.  These may be small rises but they occurred in a very short time – they looked at three blocks of time between March 31 and May 11.

BBC News have an article on the impact of Covid-19 on the mental health of the young.


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