YouDriveHealth Disclaimer

YouDriveHealth is an ambitious site, covering all aspects of health – physical, financial and mental, as well as looking at life’s journey.

It has been created by some experienced senior people with financial services and IT backgrounds who really just want to give something back.  That’s why all the services provided by YouDriveHealth – information, questionnaires, downloads are free.  So, how do we provide all this stuff for nothing?

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How is YouDriveHealth funded?

As you can imagine if you look through our site, a LOT of work has gone into creating the content and building the site.

The personalisation of health details for individucla came about after the site was reviewed by a number of health professionals, and has taken a couple of years to get to the point where it is able to launch.    To do this and keep everyone’s information secure takes some additional resources, which we have been happy to pay for as part of giving something back.

So this entire enterprise has cost us a lot of time, effort and money!  And we’re glad to have done it!

 As part of our aim to help people, we realised that there are external resources that people might want to take up, and we are able to point people in the right direction. 

We earn referral fees when you buy services from companies that we recommend.

We only recommend products that we believe will add value to our readers – these opinions are our own, and we do not accept payments for positive reviews.

This monetization method is called affiliate marketing. The biggest brands on the internet offer affiliate programs such as Amazon, eBay, Google, etc. Many of your favourite sites use affiliate marketing to pay the bills.

The only difference is that not everyone tell their users how they make money.

So when you go to Amazon and buy something linked to one of our drives, we will earn a tiny amount of commission from this.  You won’t pay any more for the product, and nor will we see any of your details that you provide to Amazon or anyone else.

We are an Amazon Associate as we are part of the Amazon affiliate program. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

So you can help us by going to Amazon from our site before you buy something.

In future, we will develop our own products, which we will also offer on YouDriveHealth.

Thanks for your support – all at YouDriveHealth.

Health domains

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We break down the overall concept of health or wellness into ‘bite-sized chunks’ that we can actually do something about.  The first level we call health domains.

We like the Life of Wellness site and we have chosen the following domains.

1. Emotional Wellness: Awareness and acceptance of feelings
2. Spiritual Wellness: A search for meaning and purpose
3. Intellectual Wellness: Recognition of your creativity, knowledge and skills
4. Physical Wellness: Need for physical activity and balanced nutrition
5. Environmental Wellness: Positive awareness and impact on your environment
6. Financial Wellness: Debt reduction, cash flow balance or financial future planning
7. Occupational Wellness: Personal achievement and enrichment from your career
8. Social Wellness: Contribution to your community

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Health Areas

Within each domain, we have included a number of health areas. These are specific issues that you can tackle.  Within each health area, e.g. Depression, once you have subscribed we have built additional information and exercises which you can do to help in the area.

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See which domains you should address

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Having established that we use 8 domains, you need to understand which you should concentrate on.

The 8 are:

  • Emotional
  • Environmental
  • Financial
  • Intellectual
  • Occupational
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Spiritual

You can take a questionnaire, which scores you in each domain.  You can decide which domains you are strong in, and which you need to improve.

Another analysis shows which domains you should look at, but also which domains you want to look at.

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A Butterfly Life: 4 Keys to More Happiness, Better Health and Letting Your True Self Shine

Times of change can be a challenge, no doubt! Whether it’s a relationship breakup, job loss, or being diagnosed with a serious health issue. Or you may WANT things to be different, but it feels a little scary or overwhelming. The butterfly reminds us change can be beautiful, even necessary, in order to realize our full potential and live our best life.